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Compressing Images

Wix automatically optimizes your images for both site loading time and image quality. Therefore, as long as your image is less than 15mb, we do not recommend compressing it externally. 

Make sure your image is in RGB color mode and not CMYK. Check this in Adobe Photoshop under Image Mode, when clicking on the image. This ensures that your image is displayed in the best quality possible once uploaded to your Wix site.

Note from Webmaster

Please submit Images for inclusion in this section as jpg at 1400 x 1050 with no compression. On my system with QImage this gives a file size of there abouts 1.4meg on a  raw convertion to web srjb jpeg.  This size appears to keep most of quality.  Blocks of 3, 6 or 9 with a text file giving image titles and comments for cut and paste.  To reduce transmission size they can be zip archived. - I use PeaZip   Send images direct to me at  with RBCC in the subject field. 

Further to the lecture by

Derek Doar DPAGB “Colour Management for printing

The following link may be of interest



The EIZO monitor test lets you quickly and easily assess your monitor’s image quality. You can carry out 13 individual tests to check how uniform the image display is across the entire monitor, for example, or if the text is displayed sharply. You can check your monitor for defective pixels and get a sense of its viewing angle stability. Put your monitor to the test now!

The latest high end monitors are now hardware calibrated  either with a built in spectrometer or without, in which case you can use a color Munki spectrometer.

A few video links to profiling :-


Eizo - Calibration with Colournavigator 6

Which Colormunki do I need? The Colormunki Display or the PHOTO

ColorMunki Photo with Jeff Lazell

Why & How to Create Custom Paper Profiles with X-Rite ColorMunki Photo

Profiles by Rick

More useful info on this site,

Manage Colors in Lightroom CC

Adobe Color Printer Utility (ACPU)

Next, download the Adobe Color Printer Utility (ACPU), a small printing utility that has a single purpose – to let you print the target image with color management turned off.  (Some of the most sophisticated software out there – like Photoshop and Lightroom – will actually not letyou do this!)   This straightforward and simple-to-use utility from Adobe will accomplish the task automatically for you with little fuss.  Make sure you download the OS-specific version that is appropriate to your needs (Mac or Windows), and follow the instructions included in the ReadMe file that downloads along with ACPU:

ACPU (for Windows)            ●            ACPU (for Mac) 


Jose Rodriguez makes great custom profiles...

USA site, but some good info.

RB Wix hosted WebSite  images now in WebP format


I have recently noticed that Wix now convert images on site from submitted jpg to WebP


I have done a few tests on my comp./screen 


I find there is a small difference between the uploaded image and the right clicked downloaded image.


Surprisingly, there appears to be a discernable improvement in image quality over the submitted, mainly as far as I can see an increase in sharpening. This may not be to everybody’s liking.


The whole business is about image file size. But I find this is only achieved on large file size jpegs

A jpeg at 1400x1050 at 100% 1.4 MB is compressed to about 276K

A jpeg at 1400x1050 at 80% 267K is compressed to about 255K

Bearing in mind the downloaded image is smaller than the 1400x1050 submitted.


There is a small colour shift. The second in top left on colour chart is #F1956C on submitted jpeg image and #F1966C on the right click downloaded WebP


To view WebP most image progs appear to require a plug in. For viewing I have found paint net 4.2.5 which supports WebP is quite good, allowing jumping from one image to another for comparisons.

Wix Photography Blog


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