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Lincolnshire Photographic Association (LPA) - Website

This is the county umbrella organisation for all clubs within the historic county boundary of Lincolnshire and formed to meet the needs of the county. It provides lists of judges, speakers and organises competitions for individual photographers and clubs within Lincolnshire. Clubs can be a member of the LPA and not N&EMPF and visa versa.

North and East Midlands Photographic Federation (N&EMPF) - Website

The Photographic Alliance of Great Britain has 15 regions and the N&EMPF is one of those regions. It covers Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire. RBCC is affiliated to the N&EMPF along with 48 others clubs, societies and groups throughout the region. It is responsible for providing lists of lecturers, judges, organise competitions and other events e.g. exhibitions. It is run by an Executive elected each year from member clubs

Photographic Alliance of Great Britain (PAGB) - Website

This is the national umbrella organisation for Great Britain and Northern Ireland. It was formed in the 1930’s by the various regions to give a national structure to club photography. The majority of the members of its Executive are elected annually, one each by the 15 regions. These representatives also sit on their own regional executive like the N&EMPF. It runs a number of services which include a national list of lecturers and judges, which is available in the form of the PAGB Handbook to all club in the UK that are affiliated to one of the constituent regions (circa 1,000 clubs). It runs national competitions between the various regions and between clubs. It also provides a recorded lecture service for clubs. In more recent times it has also provided a distinctions structure, known as the PAGB Awards for Photographic Merit which members of affiliated clubs can aim for.

United Photographic Postfolios of Great Britain (UPP) - Website

This a stand alone club which at one and the same time has a national membership, but which operates within the national club structure through affiliation to one of the regional federations. It has a membership of nearly 400 which is divided into a number of “Circles” consisting of about 10 to 15 members per circle. Each circle circulates photographs between its members in portfolios and they give observations, comments and marks to the photographs of fellow members; taking out their own old photograph and replacing it with a new one each time a portfolio comes to them. The UPP holds an annual meeting at the time of its AGM when the best photographs for each circle are entered into a national competition

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