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Only paid up members may enter club competitions. All content of entries must be entirely the work of the author  (moved from within the document) The competition, closing date for entries, and theme will be published in the printed programme and here on the website at COMPETITIONS/DATES FOR ---. Digital image entries may be sent by email to All other entries must be handed to the Internal Competition Secretary on or before the closing date.


Monochrome and Colour prints are defined as single or group of images mounted for display on a print stand. DIGITALLY PROJECTED IMAGE (D P I): A digital projected image is defined as an image held as a file suitable for digital projection N.B See printed Programme for categories and themes of individual competitions


To be judged separately unless otherwise stated. ‘A' Monochrome and colour prints and digital projected images ‘B' Monochrome and colour prints ‘C' Digital projected images Definition of Black and White (monochrome) Photography A black and white work fitting (i.e. going) from very dark grey (black) to very light grey (white) is classed as monochrome work with the various shades of grey falling between the two extremes. A black and white work toned entirely in a single colour will remain a monochrome work able to stand in the black and white category. Such a work can be reproduced in black and white in the catalogue of a salon under FIAP patronage. On the other hand a black and white work modified by a partial toning (duo or tri-toned) or by the addition of one or more colours becomes a colour work (polychrome) and will be classed and stand in the colour category; such a work requires colour reproduction in the catalogue of a salon under FIAP patronage.


A member may submit up to 4 entries in each section of a category, listed or numbered in order of preference. If too many entries are received, the Internal Competition Coordinator reserves the right to reduce the individual's entry starting at number four on the entrant's list. Each competition entry must be accompanied by a clearly written note or printed on the CD that states the photographers name the competition and category entered,. The five year rule. No print or digital image may be entered into RBCC competitions that are more than five years old. There is no age limit on a negative, slide or digital file used to make a print being shown for the first time, provided in the case of slides or digital files these have not been entered previously as a projected image.


The judge will award “ Best image” in each of the competition categories.


The maximum mount size is 500mm x 400mm. Prints may be of any size, within the mount. No detail other than the print title should appear on the front of the print. On the reverse there will be:-

  • The title

  • The name of photographer

  • An indication as to the correct orientation

  • RBCC, if to be submitted for external competitions

  • To avoid damage to other prints, it is a club recommendation that  brown gummed paper tape in 60gsm and 130gsm be used for print mounting.   Available from

N.B For external competitions outside the County the maximum size of a mount is 500mm x 400mm.

A digital file (1920 x 1080 px) of the print will be submitted by the closing date for the relevant competition

6. DIGITAL PROJECTED IMAGES Image specification, digital files should be:-

  • Image width 1920 pixels

  • Image height 1080 pixels maximum

  • Colour space sRGB

  • Image type JPEG

  • Colour bit depth 8 bit

  • File size any

  • Image title not more than 30 characters

N.B Images not conforming to the specification will not be rejected but will be projected as presented


The canvas size must be 1920px X 1050px and contain the three themed images arranged in any way the photographer chooses within the constraints of the canvas. The canvas can be plain or patterned but not be an image.  


In the case of an image being entered into a ‘themed competition’ and does not (in the judge’s opinion) meet the criteria he will critique it but not award it any points.


Each entry will be awarded a mark out of 20. Only one entry will be awarded 20 marks. Marks awarded will be added to a member's totals in the league table. Only the highest mark awarded to a member submitting more than one entry in a competition category will be added to that member's totals in the league table this gives all the opportunity of Colour print worker of year, Mono print worker of year, Digital worker of the year, Print of the year Mono/Colour and Photographer of the Year. NB Images entered in a competition and are awarded NO points are not eligible for Of The Year and POTY competitions.


The responsibility for the collection of entries and keeping of competition records and League Table rests with the Competition Secretary. The responsibility for obeying the Competition Rules, making sure images are marked correctly and entered on time rests solely with the Photographer.


Will only be awarded to the winners of the following competitions:-
     - Them V Us
     - Colour/ Mono /Digital Worker of the year
     - Print of the Year Mono
     - Print of the Year Colour
     - Projected Digital Image of the year.

The Photographer of the Year trophy will be presented to the photographer with the highest aggregate score. All other competition winners will receive a certificate marking their achievement.

Finally, we come to the ethos of competitions. Please resist the urge to submit a print, only to follow it up later with an identical or nearly identical digital image or vice versa.

Enter into the spirit by submitting images that conform to the rules not by bending them.

Good luck.

Revised 2016

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