Club Competition Definitions


An image of one or more people that may range from head studies to full body length, including candid and formal portraits. The people must play a dominant role in the image.


An image in which a shadow, reflection or both is featured. The cause of the shadow or reflection may be included.


Landscape A landscape is an image of natural inland scenery. It may include houses, other evidence of man, people, animals and even part of the sea provided that none of these dominate the picture. Seascape A seascape is an image of natural costal scenery, a wave study or a picture of the open sea. People, boats and items related to these may be present as incidental items in the picture. Large salt water inlets are eligible but inland waters are excluded. Urban/City/Other The choice of subject matter can vary to offer other variety of "scapes" but it will be up to the maker to ensure that the end result is apparent to the viewer - i.e. the impact of the image will come from the subject matter chosen. A "cityscape" or "urban landscape" subject will be identifiable to the viewer.


Flora and fauna embraces the natural world and subjects can therefore include a wide diversity of natural organisms. Flora should not include formal arrangements or cultivated plants in an environment modified by humans. Fauna should not include domesticated, caged or penned creatures, including safari parks. Any modification to the original image should be limited to minor retouching of blemishes and must not alter the content of the original scene. Where flora and fauna images do not meet the definition because of modification they can still be entered in competitions with the following proviso, in the case of Fauna the word CAPTIVE must be included in the title and with Flora the word CULTIVATED.  Images of dead or mounted specimens will not be accepted in this category.


An entry will consist of, in the case of prints, 3 individual mounted prints on a theme stated by the author. There will separate sections for colour and monochrome. In the case of the projected image section, an entry will consist of three themed images on a simple back ground. Three images on an image back ground will be deemed to be made up of four images and will be ineligible.


An arrangement in which diverse inanimate objects are depicted.


Decay can be defined as to decline from a sound or prosperous condition, to fall into ruin, or to decline in health, strength, or vigour. Your challenge is to create images that document or convey the sense of decay.